Monitoring and Evaluating Methodology of the smart specialization strategy through information Business Intelligence system

Helenos Consulting completed and delivered to the region of central Macedonia the methodology of monitoring and evaluating the smart specialization strategy, which will be the basis of its reconstruction System of Business Intelligence and monitoring of the innovation indicators of the region of Central Macedonia.

Monitoring the implementation of the RIS3 strategy, which will be carried out through an information Business Intelligence system, aims at the following:

  • Monitoring the implementation process to ensure that the actions foreseen in the RIS3 strategy design are implemented and that resources are available and used effectively.
  • Monitoring of specific outputs directly linked to actions supported through programs, measures or projects carried out by the regional authority for the development of the RIS3 strategy.
  • Evaluation of progress towards achieving the short-term, medium-and long-term objectives of the RIS3 strategy, and evaluating the evolution of the results indicators in the desired direction.