About us

Helenos Consulting, has recently enlarged its vision and goals in providing extended specialized services in both private and public sectors, in the following areas and challenges, in both regional and international levels:  

  • On the one hand, the need to adapt to continuous developments in economic and social transformation and the formation of resilient economies and
  • On the other hand, the design and review of innovation strategies and implementation of solutions, monitoring and examining on an ongoing basis both the current conditions and trends in the future.

The main partner of Helenos Consulting, Mr. Stavros Manzanakis, both as CEO of Emetris SA and head of regional development and international projects, as well as director responsible of strategy and operations of the trends’ laboratory Phemonoe Lab, in its 25-year experience, offers advice services to national and regional ecosystem stakeholders, in the fields of regional development, informatics, Entrepreneurship, finance and research/innovation.

Phemonoe focuses on the study of trends and the future, mainly using the methodology of scenarios. At the same time coordinates the Greek node of the Millennium Project, a global think tank created on the initiative of the UN. The node detects local and international trends, participates in think tanks, and supports private corporations, and public bodies in shaping long-term strategy. Accordingly, the main objective of the Greek “Millennium Project” node is to assist in the process of modernization of Southeastern Europe, placing emphasis on the implementation of the “science” of the study of the future, through the direct collaboration with Organizations, businesses and other stakeholders. The mission of the Greek node “Millennium Project” is (a) to promote an open dialogue between countries (b) contribute to the sustainable development of the region and (c) support the integration of these countries into the European Union. The Greek node was created in November 2010. The members of the node are universities, SMES, NGOS, state organizations, experts and the UNDP/BRC Regional Centre of the POPE (RCPAR).